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Elnian is a trainer at ZingTrain, teaching 2-day seminars at ZingTrain in Ann Arbor as well as on the road, where she teaches Zingerman's approach to business to organizations of all sizes and industries. Her favorite part about her job is connecting people with the tools and resources that will make their work, and life, easier and more productive! When she's not working, Elnian is a voracious reader—she reads fiction, almost exclusively, and she loves to binge a good mystery series. She welcomes any recommendations!

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How to Write a Vision of Success

Posted by Elnian Gilbert on 5/30/19 1:03 PM

Before I get too far into this blog post about how to write a vision, it feels appropriate to share a vision of what success looks like for this blog post.  Here goes:

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Topics: Visioning

How to Lead When You're Not a Leader

Posted by Elnian Gilbert on 3/28/19 5:11 PM

In the Servant Leadership workshops we teach, we often lead in to the content we’ve adapted from Robert Greenleaf by asking the group:

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Topics: Leadership

Just Say no! Because sometimes, it's the right thing to do...

Posted by Elnian Gilbert on 8/30/18 4:34 PM

"You can say ‘no’ to customers!”  feels like an outrageous thing to advocate, especially when your organization is known for delivering great customer service...

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Topics: Customer Service

Why is customer service training important?

Posted by Elnian Gilbert on 6/14/18 12:14 PM

One of the most common questions we get asked as trainers is:

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Topics: Customer Service

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